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How to use the Trinity – ISO, fStop and Shutter Speed.

| Featured Article, Free Lightroom Preset Resources, Lightroom Hacks, Photography Article | No Comments
ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. As a photographer or anyone who has a semblance of interest in photography, these three terms are the foundation of everything you must know. I...

Learn how to create Bokeh in your images.

| Featured Article, Photography Article, The Art of Editing | No Comments
Bokeh……Boken…..Bokeeen…..Bokoow…. there are many different ways people say the photography term Bokeh which is properly pronounced BOH – Kay. I’m paraphrasing here but it can be explained as the way...

How to shoot in LOW LIGHT situations.

| Featured Article, Lightroom Hacks, Uncategorized | One Comment
Objective: To demonstrate a few ways to approach lighting a dark ceremony environment while still keeping the integrity of the photo, a high quality end image with minimal quality loss....

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