The Tuner Collection


How this Collection works:

The goal of this preset collection is to give you the ability to make minor / small adjustments to your images or layer several adjustments to create a completely new look. The Tuner Collection is exactly that, a way for you to “tune” your images much like if you were tuning your car with the sometimes MANY adjustments to get it just right.

This collection is not designed to be a one click solution collection BUT is a tool to enable you to fine tune and have 100% control over your image editing.

Product Demo:


What is included:

  • Over 200 Total Presets and brushes for Lightroom
  • Over 150 Lightroom Presets
  • Over 50 Lightroom Brushes
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4-6, CC and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Works both on RAW and JPEG images
  • Works both on Mac and PCs
  • Easy to change and manipulate




Basic Lens Profile Correction
Basic Auto Exposure
7 White Balance Presets
10 Black and White Presets
4 Blue Sky Enhance Presets
4 White Cloud Enhance Presets
5 Contrast Punch Presets
5 Desaturate Presets
6 Highlights Adjust Presets
6 Lens Distortion Correction presets
6 Split Toning Presets
9 Vertical Line Correction Presets
5 Noise Reduction Presets
8 Camera Colour Profile Presets
6 Colour Pop Presets
24 Colour Adjust Presets
5 Detail Enhance Presets
5 Detail Soften Presets
4 Grain remove Presets
6 Blacks Adjust Presets
8 Chromatic Aberration Correction Presets
5 Sharpening Presets
2 Vignette Presets