The Art of Editing: Online Class Webinar

Q + Eh and Live Edit with Matthew Schonewille

Watch the Webinar:  editing start at 22:00 minutes in the video

Class Description

Hey everyone, my name is Matthew Schonewille and this is the FLT webinar class registration page. Now you are probably asking yourself, how can all of this awesome lightroom content be FREE, why are you asking for donations and where is the catch? I would love to answer those questions about FLT, why everything is free and what you can expect from FLT in the future. This webinar is a simply Question and Answer webinar where you can ask me any questions about the website FLT or me personally and I can fill you in on why FLT exists.  I am also really interested in creating so much more content but I need to know what YOU want to learn, what presets YOU want to use and what kind of webinars YOU want for the future.

I really hope you take this opportunity to learn more about me and I really look forward to learning more about you.

Registration Ends

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